Green wheelie bin content confusion

A Skegness woman fears there will be dozens of complaints in the town after the green wheelie bin collections kicked in last week.

The Seaview Road resident says she was unaware of changes in what items can be collected and now her’s maybe left filled to the brim with vegetable peelings which have built up over the winter months.

“A friend told me that you can’t put vegetable peelings in the green bin to be recycled any more and I have filled my bin over the winter and it probably won’t be taken now,” said the resident who did not wish to be named.

“I have filled it as normal every year and it gets emptied but I didn’t know and I’m sure lots of people were not aware and will now complain when their bin doesn’t get emptied this week,” she added.

The resident says, she now fears for her 80-year-old parents, also living in Skegness, who may try and risk emptying it themselves despite them both being disabled.

“My father has one leg and they’re both elderly, I hope they don’t try and empty it themselves, the council should have let people know,” she added.

When East Lindsey District Council first initiated the green wheelie bin collection of garden waste in 2006, vegetable peelings were accepted.

Nick Davis, the council’s waste and recycling manager, said: “When green waste collections were rolled out to all homes in 2006 we did accept vegetable peelings in the green bins. Since then there has been a tightening of regulations in what can be collected due to the potential for contamination.

“For this reason, for the past two years, the council has only been able to accept grass cuttings, leaves, plants, sticks, prunings and cut flowers in the green bin and we’ve actively promoted this.”

But the resident claims that she has not come across this advertising and says, stickers on bins, notes in council tax letters or a booklet through the door might have been better.

“If you’re not on the internet or buy the paper [that week] where can you find this information?” she added.

However, ELDC says the information has also been in its residents’ magazine and in news releases.

See the council’s website for bin and recycling advice.

To view what can be put in each of the bins for the East Lindsey area, visit