Fly-tips increase by 36% in East Lindsey, as Council warns offenders they should expect to be caught

East Lindsey District Council has vowed to take tough action against fly-tippers after it revealed that the problem had increased by 36 per cent.

Since April the district council has cleared up 1,201 fly-tips - well up on the 883 for the same period in 2011.

The cost of fly-tipping in East Lindsey is costing Council taxpayers around £70,000 per year.

Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Tony Bridges, said: “We are spending hours and hours of time and thousands of pounds of Council Taxpayers’ money travelling around East Lindsey clearing up the mess after an irresponsible few people.

“East Lindsey is a beautiful District and there are a small number of people who think it is quite acceptable to take advantage of our rural area and dump kitchens, bathrooms, sofas, tyres and a whole range of other items in lay-bys and ditches.

“It has to stop. Fly-tippers should be aware that a court can fine them up to £50,000 or even imprison them for a year.”

Residents can report fly-tips and provide details of those responsible by contacting the Council’s fly-tipping hotline at or calling 0800 195 5228.