Flushing success for sewer campaign


A campaign event encouraging people not to put the wrong things down sinks and toilets arrived in Skegness last week.

Anglian Water visited the town as part of its Keep It Clear campaign, to reduce sewer blockages and flooding caused by waste items not being disposed of properly.

Company representatives were on the promenade with a striking 3D street art display reminding people of the mess fats and unflushable items, like wet wipes and nappies, make of the town’s vital sewer network.

These items along with cooking fats, oils and greases being wrongly placed in the sewers are the main cause of sewer blockages. More than half of the 30,000 sewer blockages Anglian Water has to clear each year are caused in this way. Clearing them costs the company more than £7 million a year.

Anglian Water media manager Satnam Kaur said: “We took our 3-D floor art out onto the beach and spoke to residents and holiday makers about what they put down their pipes. The focus of the Keep it Clear campaign is to encourage customers to think about what they put down their drains and prevent blockages caused by unflushable items. On the day we gave out sink strainers, fat scrapers and gunk pots to encourage customers to dispose of their fats, oils and greases in the bin rather than the sink.”

People in Skegness were given the following advice for dealing with their waste:

Wipes and sanitary waste should be placed in the black wheeled bin.

Food scraps, semi solid fat and small amounts of runny, used, cooled cooking oil soaked up using newspaper or kitchen should be put in the black wheeled bin.

Larger quantities of cooled, used cooking oil can be taken to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre which is Warth Lane, Skegness, PE25 2JS. For more details visit www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/Waste or contact 01507 601111.

Businesses can also Keep It Clear by arranging for a registered waste carrier to collect used cooking oil. Information guides are available for food serving establishments on the correct way to dispose of used fat, oil and food scraps.