Finishing touches carried out on Lincs offshore wind farm

COASTAL visitors gazing out to sea over the past few days may have wondered what the hive of activity taking place on the horizon was all about.

The finishing touches to the Lincs offshore wind farm have begun with the erection of the turbine towers as the developers prepare to begin transmitting energy to the National Grid.

Centrica, the 50 per cent shareholders in the project, said the 75 turbines should be ready for first power by the end of summer.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With any engineering projects when you are working offshore, you have to make allowances for the weather, but that aside, it’s gone very well. We always said it would have first power by 2012 and we are sticking to that, it’s just a case of doing the commissioning work and getting the project up and running.”

When completed, the project is hoped to produce 270 megawatts of power, which would be enough to meet the average energy needs of 200,000 UK homes.

The power will be transmitted along the seabed through The Wash towards Walpole where it will connect with the National Grid.

Centrica, along with partners Siemens and Dong Energy, estimate the total cost of the project to be around £1billion

The finished project will stand beside two smaller wind farms constructed by Centrica off the Lincolnshire coast, which were fully commissioned in March 2009.

Lynn and Inner Dowsing produce enough electricity to meet the needs of 150,000 homes.

Permission was also recently granted for the energy firm’s Race Bank wind farm, which if completed could produce enough to power nearly half a million homes.

Centrica is yet to make a decision about whether it will proceed with those plans or not.