Embassy set for solar panels

A NUMBER of the district council’s buildings look set to have solar panels installed in a bid to save energy.

East Lindsey District Council approved funding of £498,000 to install an array of photovoltaic panels on the roof at the Meridian Leisure Centre and London Road Sports Ground, Louth; Embassy Swimming Pool and Embassy Theatre, Skegness and Horncastle Swimming Pool.

Despite government subsidy cuts, ELDC says it remains on budget to install the panels and planning applications have now been submitted for each location and if approved, the council could soon start producing its own energy, feeding what it doesn’t use into the National Grid for homes and businesses.

The buildings chosen for the solar panels are those in the council’s portfolio that consume the greatest amount energy and therefore emit the most greenhouse gases.

The project will cost £380,000 with a pay back period of 10 years.

Over a 25 year period the project is expected to deliver a 157 per cent return on investment – at least £873,429. This estimate reflects the proposed reduction in government feed in tariffs. As well as reducing electricity costs, the installation of panels will prevent 73,000kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each year. It is expected that energy can be first produced by April 2012.