Electrical substation fears raised at council

A SPILSBY councillor fears that residents are ‘being told one thing’ and ‘councillors another’ after recent meetings were held to discuss a firm’s electrical network connection in the area.

Coun Phil Odling spoke of his concerns after hearing feedback regarding RWE Npower Renewables proposed plans from county councillor Jim Swanson, at the last meeting of Spilsby Town Council, held June 28.

As reported, fears were raised after it was revealed that the energy firm’s possible network connections across East Lindsey could pave the way for more disruptive developments.

RWE said, that it had not yet chosen how it intended to connect its offshore Triton Knoll wind farm with the substation in Bicker Fen.

But a number of local councillors believed its preference for the cheapest and most intrusive option which could increase the amount of wind farms built locally and connected to National Grid.

County Coun Jim Swanson told councillors, RWE had changed plans from going underwater and now were considering an inland option but a route had not been revealed.

However, Coun Odling also a member for the NFU claims members who attended a recent meeting with RWE representatives were told different things.

“A meeting was called with RWE to discuss the various proposals and the options for the area , they would not commit or tell us the type of cables,” said Coun Odling.

Coun Odling also relayed information about a possible route which would see the route coming from near Anderby Creek, south of Louth, through Scemblesby and down to Bicker Fen for the Substation.

Coun Odling spoke of how the cables could be ‘60 metres wide’ with ‘eight trenches and three cables’ in each with a depth of ‘one to two metres’ which he believed RWE were living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ as he asked councillors to consider that machinery use a certain depth on the land.

“It will be lead to disruption to the land, the main drainage, and they have no idea of the problems they are going to encounter, why don’t they go via the sea,” Coun Odling added.

But Coun Trevor Beaumont, who attended a meeting at Irby and Bratoft Village Hall on Wednesday, June 27, hosted by Coun Neil Cooper said that RWE were considering a change of plan to the underground cabling and they had since had a change of mind.

He said RWE were considering using an AC cabling system as there were many advantages as an AC type cable would be better an linking other wind farms, potentially making it easier in the future developments rather than using the other DC underground type cabling.

And Coun Odling was concerned that people were being told different things, he said: “in the space of four days we’re told something different, you’ve been told something, councillors and RWE are saying another.”

RWE recently maintained that no decisions had been made.