East Lindsey to benefit from Hedge and Small Woodland Grant scheme.


Lincolnshire County Council have announced that More than 16,000 young trees will be planted in Lincolnshire over the next few weeks.

This will create nearly 4km of new hedgerows and two acres of woodland.

The trees are supplied by Lincolnshire County Council through the Hedge and Small Woodland Grant scheme.

The scheme aims to address a dramatic decline in the number of Britain’s hedgerows since 1945, and has particularly affected eastern counties like Lincolnshire.

Trees provide numerous economic, environmental and social benefits, but just 10 percent of England is covered in woodland, one of the lowest rates in Europe.

Since the year 2000, more than half a million trees have been planted in Lincolnshire as part of this project.

The grants are open to anyone who owns or manages land within the county. The council’s

Environmental Services Team works with applicants to make sure that tree species selected are carefully matched to local conditions.

All of the varieties used are native to Lincolnshire and will support a wide range of insects, mammals and birds.

Councillor Colin Davie, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “Our wildlife, woodlands and hedgerows are some of the country’s most precious assets and it’s vital that we protect them.

“Each year, the county council plants thousands of new trees across the Lincolnshire to invigorate natural habitats and provide new places for people to walk and enjoy.

“By 2020, it’d be nice to think that we’d planted a million new trees in the county, and how that might benefit the animals and people who live here.”

The 2014/15 grant is now open to anyone who owns or manages land within the county of Lincolnshire.

For guidance on eligibility, or for a free advisory visit on applying, contact Lincolnshire County Council’s Environmental Management on 01522 552 349.

Planting for private gardens and works required as a condition of planning permission are not eligible. Grants will not be awarded to schemes that have an adverse effect on historic features or important wildlife features.

This year’s grants are being awarded all across Lincolnshire, with six in East Lindsey, one in Boston, six in South Holland, two in West Lindsey, one in South Kesteven and four in North Kesteven.