Councillor voices fears over solar farms


A leading county councillor has expressed concerns about the growing number of proposals for solar farms in Lincolnshire.

Executive member for economic development, environment and planning and tourism Coun Colin Davie has written to district planners to raise the issue.

Coun Davie, who represents Ingoldmells Rural ward, said: “Lincolnshire County Council is aware of an increasing number of large scale solar farms proposed for development across the county. The council supports the principle of solar energy as a means of providing low carbon electricity, but not at the expense of ruining Lincolnshire’s unique landscape and agriculture.

“Lincolnshire is home to the largest concentration of Grade 1 and Grade 2 agricultural land of any English county and relies on this natural bounty to feed the nation.

He added: “The idea that ground mounted solar panels are ‘temporary’ structures intended to last 25 years is fanciful in the extreme. Such longevity will have a lasting impact on our unspoilt landscape and introduce an alien industrial presence which will be impossible to resist when the panels need to be replaced. In addition, the promotion of grazing between solar panels is not considered to be realistic compensation for the loss of high quality arable land. The Government has made it very clear that solar panels should be located on the roofs of commercial buildings and on low quality brownfield land before even considering the use of fertile agricultural land.”

Plans for a 50 acre solar farm on agricultural land near Orby were recently displayed by developer Lark Energy at a public exhibition in the village.