Councillor endorses plans for nature reserve

Coun Chris Pain with plans of the new Gibraltar Point visitor centre
Coun Chris Pain with plans of the new Gibraltar Point visitor centre

Plans for a visitor centre at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve near Skegness have been welcomed by a leading county councillor.

Funding for the new centre from the Coastal Community Fund to replace the building damaged in the December 2103 tidal surge was announced last week.

Coun Chris Pain is LCC member on the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve which is part of his Wainfleet and Burgh ward.

He said: “Whist I was chairman of the Economic Scrutiny Committee, I pushed forward the concept, with Paul Learoyd, (CEO of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust) and officers at LCC, the vision of enhancing the Gibraltar Point Centre with a roof terrace so that visitors could take in the views of the outstanding local coast line.

“The fact that the centre will be raised five foot higher to negate any future flood risk, will enhance the views of the coastline from the downstairs cafe viewing area while making the upstairs area an outstanding attraction for our coastline. It will help develop the area for tourism outside of the holiday season and create local employment.

“LCC officers and myself have already looked at the possibility of an enhanced cycle/footpath to the centre from Skegness, encouraging more families to visit the nature reserve, beach and centre by bike or walking.”

The visitor centre and county’s council’s Lincolnshire Coastal Observatory project at Chapel St Leonards is designed to unlock the potential of currently under-used seaside locations. The two projects which have received a £1.75 millions investment boost from the Coastal Community Fund and are expected to support more than 50 local jobs.