Council to clear up access road mess

THE state of an access road behind several businesses in town has been an ongoing problem for several years.

But now East Lindsey District Council has stepped up and said it will clear up the rubbish, leaves and debris in the access road off Rutland Road, behind Lowndes toy shop, among others and next to Tower Gardens in Skegness.

Earlier in the week, resident, Dell Claxton had said: “It does not make a very good impression, Skegness is supposed to be a town for tourists, what will they think with all this rubbish?”

The Lowndes toy shop owner also contacted the Standard to express her concerns about the rubbish and the fact that she felt no-one wanted to take responsibility for the road itself.

Anne Roberjot-Roberts, said: “The road behind our shop (which is one of the access roads into the park) continues to be a massive problem!

“From rubbish to rats and parking, you name it.”

However, ELDC after being alerted to the matter, sent out a cleaning team yesterday to try and resolve the issue at present.

A spokesperson said: “We understand this is public land and we will clear it today (Tuesday).

“However, we need a longer term solution to try and prevent it recurring.

“As such we will monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and write to businesses in the local area to remind them of their waste management responsibilities.”

But Anne says the problem happens every year and she said it was sad that people had to get angry and upset to get things done.

Last year, the rubbish was again a problem and Anne said that Stefan Krause, the town centre manager and a team eventually cleared up the mess but it hadn’t been done again until yesterday.

Anne said: “A man was seen sweeping down the road today (Tuesday) but he could only go around all the parked cars down there.”

There is also thought to be a problem with cars parking on double yellow lines down there which may cause an issue if fire engines needed to gain access.

Anne said it was unfair that the cars which park down the road didn’t seem to get parking tickets but her car received one while she was briefly unloading items into the back of her business.

l What do you think about the rubbish? Email or call 01754 897120.