Council opposes recycling cuts

CUTS to recycling centre opening times in Skegness have caused ‘absolute chaos’ and should be restored to seven days a week, town councillors have said.

Skegness Town Council has passed a motion urging Lincolnshire County Council to rethink reductions to its Warth Lane opening times to just four days a week.

Coun Sue Binch, who raised the motion at last Wednesday’s meeting, said: “I’ve been to the site on a number of occasions and there were queues right down Lincoln Road - people couldn’t get into their own drives.

“When I did get on site, it was absolute chaos, I’ve never seen anything like it - people were getting so irate.”

Coun Binch feared those in the town who worked ‘unsociable’ hours in the tourism trade would struggle to access the site during its weekend opening hours.

She and Coun Sid Dennis also felt that implementing the cuts during the peak season was ‘ill-conceived’ and could have been phased in with less trouble during the town’s quieter period.

Further concerns about the possible increase in fly-tipping were raised by a number of councillors, while the Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson felt it ‘set a bad example’ to the town’s residents.

Coun George Saxon referred to a similar situation in Spalding, where cuts to recycling centre opening times had caused queuing and customer dissatisfaction but had been alleviated once LCC restored its original opening times.

Coun Mark Smith, who is also a county councillor, said he had visited the site on two recent occasions and had not encountered any problems.

He explained that many of the highlighted problems were being investigated with a review of CCTV to identify the extent of queuing issues and whether there had been a reduction in recycling since the cuts.

Until that review was completed, he felt it would be hasty to make a decision on whether the cuts had caused serious problems.

He said: “There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on - let the facts speak for themselves.”