Beach cleaning day planned

A BEACH cleaning exercise will be taking place to coincide with a national event on Sunday.

It will take place at Seacroft Beach, Skegness and those interested can meet at South Parade car park in Skegness for 2pm.

The clean-up is being put on as part of the national Beachwatch Big Weekend, and is run by the Marine Conservation Society between September 14 and 17.

The events aim to clean up beach litter such as plastic, cotton bud sticks, fishing nets and ropes, cigarette butts, bottle tops, drinks bottles and fast-food wrappers which are man-made and unnatural.

Thousands of volunteers will take to beaches all around the UK coast this weekend to clean up and record the rubbish they find.

Beachwatch Big Weekend is part of the International Coastal Clean-up, which takes place in 80 countries worldwide and the data helps MCS shape its beach litter campaigns and keep it on the Government’s agenda, claims the MCS.