Animal rights group calls for Jolly Fisherman to retire - and be replaced with a fish

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An animal rights group is calling for the town’s Jolly Fisherman mascot to be swapped for a modern animal-friendly version - with a re-working of the iconic holiday advert featuring a joyous fish and the words “Skegness: a Happy Plaice.”

In a letter, to the Mayor, Coun Carl Macey, PETA special projects manager Dawn Carr said that Skegness has a “a unique opportunity” to reach millions of people “with a compassionate message that does not evoke images of animals being impaled in the face or suffocated in giant ocean-destroying nets.”

PETA director Mimi Bekhechi added: “Experts agree that fish are sensitive, interesting animals who feel pain and have complex social structures.

“Skegness should be remembered for fun seaside holidays rather than the violent occupation of its mascot. It’s time to send the Jolly Fisherman to a retirement home and give fish their plaice in the sun.”

Biologists have found that fish develop relationships with each other and grieve when their companions die. Some are capable of using tools, while others gather information by eavesdropping.

PETA is offering to supply the local schools with £1,000 worth of VBites Fish-Free Fish Fingers if Skegness agrees to adopt the Happy Plaice as its new mascot.