Ambitious wetland project is given the thumbs-up

AN AMBITIOUS project to create 180 acres of wet grassland habitat was recognised on Tuesday (May 10) in a special ceremony in Skegness.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England honoured J. Dodsworth & Company for the Middle Marsh Wet Grassland Project during the event at Pine Trees Park on Croft Bank.

The award is part of the Campaign’s scheme to recognise and promote good environmental and architectural practice in the county.

“Mr Dodsworth’s ambitious project to recreate 180 acres of wet grassland habitat has already exceeded all expectations,” said a spokesperson for the group.

“It has attracted diverse wildlife including breeding waders such as redshank and little ringed plover, and also serves as a valuable ‘staging post’ for passage migrants.

“Despite this spring having been the driest for over a century, careful management of the available water has meant that the grassland has remained wet.”

The project was carried out with the help of Roger Wardle, an environmental consultant from Spilsby. Mr Wardle gave a presentation at the ceremony to show how the project was achieved.