Emergency services urge East Lindsey residents to display house numbers

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A campaign launched today (March 20) in East Lindsey aimed at encouraging residents to make sure their house is easily identifiable from the road.

nitiated by the Alford Neighbourhood Policing Team, the ‘Hiding From Help’ campaign is supported by East Midlands Ambulance Service, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, NHS, and East Lindsey District Council.

It aims to highlight the problems the emergency services face trying to find addresses, especially in the dark, when there is no visible house name or number and a lack of adequate lighting and residents are being asked to look at their own property and see if there are any improvements they could make.

PCSO Dawn Cowling explained, “Some addresses can be very difficult to find, particularly in rural areas where properties are spaced far apart and have names rather than numbers. It can be frustrating and time-consuming for visitors and delivery people to identify addresses but, in emergency situations, it could literally be the difference between life and death.”

“We’ve all heard of that ‘golden hour’ when medical intervention is so important. Every second wasted because paramedics can’t find the right house can have a profound effect on the outcome, so we’re encouraging everyone to spend a few minutes doing something about it”, she said.

Lynda Ramscar, Risk Manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “When you dial 999 to report an emergency, it is vitally important for you to confirm your address details accurately.

To help the emergency services to find you as quickly as possible, it really helps the responding crews if your house number or name is displayed clearly outside your house, so that it can easily be seen from the roadside. Obviously, we want to find you as quickly as possible. Minutes in an emergency can seem never ending and it is not always obvious from the outside where the emergency is.”

“If you can provide any extra information such as ‘near the church’ or ‘opposite the school’ that is also really helpful for the crews, as they are likely to be familiar with such landmarks,” she added.