Emergency help for businesses

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Businesses in Lincolnshire are being offered guidance on preparing for emergencies with a week long advice event.

In the same week as Exercise Cygnus, a mock national flu pandemic exercise, the county council’s emergency planners want businesses to think about what they would do if their staff were affected by a virus. They will also be asked to consider how they could keep on trading through other emergencies and disruptions, including loss of vital information, flooding or not receiving supplies.

Business Continuity is being promoted from October 13 to 17 and each day will focus on a different theme.

Monday – Premises. What would you do if you couldn’t access your usual place of work?

Tuesday – Information. Could your business still deliver if it lost vital data?

Wednesday – Suppliers. Your supplier lets you down. Can another help at short notice?

Thursday – Staff. Your workforce is depleted through sickness. Do you have sufficient skills and knowledge to cope?

Friday – Planning. Officers will be sharing a business continuity plan template which could keep your business in good shape during a crisis.

Head of emergency planning for Lincolnshire County Council David Powell said: “Emergencies such as a flu pandemic or a tidal surge would have huge potential to cause severe disruption to both the local community and economy. We are working with the Federation of Small Businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and Siemens in Lincoln to raise awareness of business continuity and encourage local companies, including health and social care providers, to consider how they could be more resilient.

He added: “Having a business continuity plan makes good business sense. It’s about being able to continue to deliver services, or make products, in the event of an incident or disruption. If the worst should happen, this could help to minimise the effect on the local economy and protect important industries to Lincolnshire including tourism and agriculture.”

For more information and to download a Business Continuity Plan please visit: www.businesslincolnshire.com/ or follow @BusinessLincs on Twitter .