Electrical storms heading north into Lincolnshire amid Met Office weather warning

Electrical storms began heading north into Lincolnshire this morning (Tuesday) amid a yellow weather warning from the Met Office for heavy downpours.

The warning for this area is expected to remain in force until 9pm on Wednesday evening (tomorrow) although the Chief Forecaster has stressed that despite increasingly widespread storms some areas may escape untouched.

They said: “An area of low pressure is expected to increasingly interact with the plume of hot, humid air resident across parts of southern Britain.

“Whilst preceding days will have seen relatively isolated thunderstorms, the developing set-up on Tuesday and early Wednesday, provides the ingredients for more widespread and energetic storms.

“Large rainfall totals, falling in short periods (perhaps exceeding 50 mm in 3 hours) and onto hard-baked ground, may lead to flooding locally, with hail and gusty winds an additional possibility.

“As is common in such situations, not everywhere will catch the heaviest of the storms, and some places may well escape altogether,” they added.

BBC Look North weather presenter Lisa Gallagher said: “Humid, heavy thundery rain pushing northwards at first this morning, tending to brighten but with further heavy showers and thunderstorms.

“Risk of hail and torrential downpours with large rainfall totals in a short space of time could lead to localised flooding, stay tuned!”

Meanwhile, Lincolnshire Police’s roads policing unit has urged motorists to make sure they have their lights turned on and cautioned drivers to take care amid the expected surface spray.

To track the storms visit the Met Office’s weather radar page.