ELECTION 2015: Conservative Matt Warman says ‘you get what you deserve’ but refuses to be drawn on chances

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-150805-014017005

Conservative Matt Warman has refused to be drawn on his chances but says he believes ‘you get what you deserve’.

Mr Warman said he main thing was that the only date available was the exit polls but said they weren’t concrete.

He said: “It looks likely to be a good night for conservatives but lets see what happens.”

Of Neil and Christine Hamilton turning out to support UKIP candidate Robin Hunter-Clarke he said: “I’m not a candidate that needs celebrity support.”

He said his campaign had successfully completed its two-fold plan to appeal to the people of the constituency and to prove he could get the right people pointing to a list of high-ranking party members who had visited the town in recent months.

Asked whether he thought he could fill Mark Simmonds shoes he said: “Let’s buy the socks before we put on the shoes.”