Trauncy falls across county figures show


The news that truancy is falling has been welcomed by Skegness MP Mark Simmonds who says it is down to the efforts of local schools and government policy.

But a teachers’ union spokesman claims the number of children playing truant has fallen due to the dilligence of schools and in spite of the government.

Mr Simonds says the number of pupils skipping school has fallen by almost 40 per cent since 2010.

He said: “In 2009/2010 6,203 pupils were persistently absent from school, but this has fallen to 4,286 in 2012/13.

“The evidence shows that persistent absence from school has a serious detrimental effect on pupils’ performance and so it is great news that, thanks to the hard work and diligence of the schools themselves combined with this government’s actions, truancy has dramatically reduced across Lincolnshire. This government is reintroducing rigour into our schools, ensuring high standards of discipline are maintained, and our EBacc means that more young people are studying for the key academic subjects that will help them get a job.”

The EBacc is the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and is a performance measure, not a qualification.

National Union of Teachers (NUT) national executive for Lincolnshire Ken Rustidge said schools worked harder to ensure there are no unauthorised absences.

He said: “Truancy is down because teachers work very hard, kids themselves want to do the best for themselves that they can, and their parents want them to achieve as well. This is what has caused truancy to fall rather than anything the government has done.”