Talented Magdalen pupils given awards

The Gifted and Talented Programme awards. Photo by supplied.
The Gifted and Talented Programme awards. Photo by supplied.
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A GLITTERING ceremony was held to celebrate the annual anniversary of the Magdalen School’s Gifted and Talented Programme recently.

The evening marked the culmination of a year’s activities and achievements of children involved in the Gifted and Talented activity scheme at the school in Wainfleet.

The programme has been running for five years in its present form and involves 40 pupils aged from six to 11 years. It challenges pupils with activities and workshops both after school and at weekends and aims to inspire the young people to acquire new skills and to push themselves to achieve more difficult and demanding tasks.

Headmaster Mr Beveridge said: “We have found that the Gifted and Talented programme at this school enhances the learning experience for these pupils, as it makes the children far more confident and enthusiastic about their learning.”

The type of activities and workshops that the children have been involved with this academic year have included a sports challenge, an art and design workshop, led by eminent local artist Wendy Reeves and a writing skills and poetry workshop, led by the nationally acclaimed children’s poet Paul Cookson.

The pupils have also developed their own blog and produced their own music CD with the help of Steve Lowndes, Music Coordinator at the William Lovell School.

Jade Ash, year five pupil from the Gifted and Talented group, said: “This year I have learned a lot from being in the G&T Programme, but one thing I will mostly remember is that you can do anything at all when your heart is full of joy and you don’t stop trying.”

Gareth Smith, co-ordinator of the Gifted and Talented Programme and Deputy Head of the school, added: “The dedication of the children, wanting to come into school after a full day or full week of learning, wanting to do more work, makes this programme of activities so special and successful.”

The school has congratulated all pupils who received an award this year and said, the message of the evening was clearly summarised by Jade Ash, aged 10, who said: “Don’t give up on anything until it’s been achieved and always believe in yourself no matter what happens.”