Students help to clear coast

COMMUNITY-MINDED youngsters recently set to work ensuring the Skegness coast was looking its best for visiting judges in a best-looking town competition.

Teams from Skegness Grammar School (pictured) spent two days helping Paul Marshall’s Coastal Access For All Campaign clear pathways and tidy the beach for the visiting East Midlands in Bloom judges.

Paul said: “It went really well and the judges in our ‘Community Projects’ competition category were really impressed.”

The campaign’s chief focus is to ensure the pathways are free from obstruction so that wheelchairs, scooters and buggies can travel unimpeded.

Paul said this year’s bad weather had posed particular problems but thanks to ‘big society’ funding, his group had been able to hire Bobcat diggers to speed up their progress.

Next year, Paul would like to build upon the successes to develop nature trails with notice boards displaying images and descriptions of the vast array of attractive flora on the coast.

He said: “At this time of year, there’s a lot of attractive wild flowers along the coast,so we want to try and diversify the tourism with display boards, which will make it more interesting for coastal visitors.”