Spilsby school thrilled for shortlist in top awards

Spilsby Primary School pupils and staff.
Spilsby Primary School pupils and staff.

Pupils at Spilsby Primary School are ‘thrilled’ after being shortlisted for a prestigious award being the only Lincolnshire to be given the honour.

The teachers and children are now playing a waiting to see if they have won the

Primary Languages Classroom Awards for their work across the school in learning French and specifically in year six which will be announced on March 15.

Louisa Roberts, the French Specialist for the school, has been instrumental in developing activities to encourage children to engage with both the French culture and the learning of the language over the past five years, but she and the children have never been nominated for an award before.

“The combination of a forward thinking head, Louise Davidson, together with the passionate, creative approach of Jayne Burnett, the Year six teacher has meant that Louisa has had greater freedom in working with the children to connect them with the importance of language and culture,” said a spokesperson.

“The learning of French and the understanding of the lifestyle has been embedded in real life activities that excite the children in the meaningful assimilation of all that is French; whether it is French food, the countries that use the French language or the letters written to the children of those countries,” a spokesperson added.

The school said they also often hold whole days that focus on French, such as the recent International Day, whereby every classroom became a French speaking country, an assembly discussed the importance of learning about other cultures and parents enjoyed a presentation from the local twinning association and good French food.

“We have strong connections with a school in Rwanda, La Pepiniere, who the children in year six have been able to Skype with, enabling a deeper understanding of French connections gained via the school’s links with the charity Aegis Trust,” they added,

A more thorough understanding of French lifestyles is gained through correspondence with Ecole Elementaire Fresnay sur Sarthe.

Links were made with school through activities that were jointly organised with Spilsby Twinning Association.