Spilsby Primary join partnership with Gipsey Bridge

Head Teacher Mr Booth, (pictured) with Spilsby Primary pupils will oversee the joint partnership with Gipsey Bridge Academy, Boston.
Head Teacher Mr Booth, (pictured) with Spilsby Primary pupils will oversee the joint partnership with Gipsey Bridge Academy, Boston.

Spilsby Primary and Gipsey Bridge Academy, Boston, have announed a joint partnership among the two schools.

With both schools working closely together over the last academic year, the two schools have decided to join forces and work together for the ‘benefit of pupils, parents and their communities’.

With both schools experiencing periods of leadership instability in their recent pasts, by working together, governors and School leaders have developed a plan to provide leadership continuity, increased opportunities for pupils and a ‘cutting edge approach to teaching and learning in their schools’.

The changes will see Mr Clarke of Spilsby Primary and Mrs Cockram of Gipsey Bridge Academy take on the roles of Head of School.

This will mean that they will be responsible for the day to day running of their school site and Mr Booth will have overall responsibility for both schools, their strategic direction, monitoring the quality of the education provided and ensuring that ‘benefits from the partnership are maximised for pupils’.

The Heads of School will have reduced class responsibilities from September to ensure they have time to fulfill their roles and be available to parents and visitors.

Governing bodies from both schools have agreed that the two schools will continue to work together in the future and build on from the good work established this year.

So far, the schools have worked to jointly develop the use of IPads to support learning through Aurasma and QR codes, had training on new approaches to the teaching of mathematics, worked together to ensure the accuracy of pupils assessment and pupils have begun to share their work with their peers from the other school.

It is thought that with shared learning opportunities and professional development for staff, thiw will lead them to become more effective practitioners in the classroom.

The number of good or better lessons observed across both schools by the Local Authority has shown evidence of these improvements and this has been reflected in the increased attainment and achievement of pupils at both schools.

The move to a permanent arrangement of working together will see Mr Booth becoming the Head Teacher of both schools, with each school having its own Head of School as a regular point of contact for parents and pupils.

Mr Booth will share his time equally between both sites.

The schools will retain their own governing bodies and a joint group of governors will be charged with monitoring the performance of the partnership.

Head Teacher Gavin Booth said: “I am delighted that the Governors at Spilsby Primary and Gipsey Bridge Academy have decided to continue the partnership between the schools and this means that together we can look forward to an exciting future. On a personal level, I am thrilled to be continuing my work with both schools to alongside the wonderful staff and brilliant pupils. Together we are working to make both schools the very best they can be.”