Spilsby college holds sports day

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THE King Edward VI Humanities College in Spilsby held its annual sports day last week.

Competitors across all year groups took part in traditional running races, including sprints, long distance and relays as well as throwing and jumping events.

All students who took part fought hard for the honour of securing victory for their house team. Newton House were the eventual winners.

The event was enjoyed by the whole college and also by the parents who came to support their children.

Mr Irving, the college’s head of PE said: “One of the most impressive things about the event was the fact that not only did students show support for the winners, they also showed support for those who came in behind the winners.

“Here at King Edward VI Humanities College we stress the importance of working together as a community and that certainly showed.”

“There were several outstanding performances but the following students deserve a special mention,” he added.

Victor Ludorum - year seven, Matthew Upton; year eight, Thomas Carr; year nine, Jack Wadner. Victrix Ludorum - year seven, Elle Smith; year eight, Chloe Johnson; year nine, Kia McMurray.

l They are all pictured above.