Skegness Grammar School’s year 13 and 11 pupils bid farewell to their time in Wainfleet Hall Boarding House

The balloons being released on the night.
The balloons being released on the night.

Year 13 and Year 11 leavers at Wainfleet Hall, the boarding house for Skegness Grammar School, marked the end of their time in the building with a special evening last week.

A barbecue, games and competitions were held, together with presentations and the poignant release of balloons over Wainfleet by every leaver.

Mr Nuttall, Head of Boarding at the school, said: “It was a lovely evening, attended by all pupils and staff from the Boarding House, together with staff and friends from the school.

“For our Boarders, leaving Wainfleet Hall is an exciting time, but can be hard, due to the fact that they are not only leaving their school, but are leaving this area too.

“Very strong friendships build up at Boarding School, and these can be hard to leave behind. We wanted to have a fun evening, all together, to celebrate those bonds, as well as looking to the future”.

The school’s Year 13 Leavers have almost completed their ‘A’ Level examinations, and have offers for degree courses from some of the UK’s top universities, including York (Chemistry), Nottingham (Computer Science and Mathematics), Reading (Archaeology and Classical Studies), Surrey (Mental Health Nursing), Durham (English Literature), Aston (Biomedical Sciences, Marketing), Loughborough (International Relations) and Kings’ London (Biomedical Sciences).

The schools wishes them luck.

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