Skegness Grammar School responds to union accusations of financial mismanagement

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The Skegness school accused of unfairly blaming problems on staff rather than its own financial mismanagement has responded to the teaching union behind the allegations.

NASUWT, the teaching union, last week accused Skegness Grammar School of ‘apportioning blame to teachers rather than the years of financial mismanagement’ during a meeting about staff redundancies.

However the school’s associate headteacher Simon Sprague, while acknowledging ‘past errors in judgement’ has countered claims the staff redundancies were purely financially motivated.
“Had Mr Morgan [NASUWT’s executive member for Lincolnshire] been in touch with the school prior to the open parents’ meeting we held, he would have been aware of the similar meetings that I, along with other senior leaders, held with staff,” he said.

“At these meetings we explained fully the reasons why the restructure is taking place. At both the staff and parents meetings we openly acknowledged that some unsound financial decisions had been made in the past and that the school needs to address the legacy that some of these decisions have left.

“It would be incorrect, however, to say that the restructure was solely driven by financial necessity,” .

“Some of our departments have more staff than is required, we are providing new resource in the area of sports and enrichment, our results, while good, can be strengthened and we are looking to enhance the courses that are available to our students.”

Mr Sprague has a added that the school would not be shying away from the ‘tough decisions’ needed to give the students the best opportunities and felt there was much to be proud about at the school.

“It is right that we now focus on restoring faith in the excellent education that Skegness Grammar School can, and will, offer the town’s young people,” he said.