Skegness Grammar pair shadow barristers at London law firm

Jack and Sky enjoyed their experiences at the law firm.
Jack and Sky enjoyed their experiences at the law firm.
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Two students interested in reading law at university have benefited from a blossoming partnership between Skegness Grammar School and an organisation that helps students become barristers.

Skye Reynolds and Jack Oldbury, both in the sixth form at SGS, spent a week in London shadowing barristers and gaining experience of a courtroom.

The placements came about because of a link between the school’s sponsor, The David Ross Education Trust, and the Kalisher Trust, which helps people qualify as barristers and begin their professional career at the Criminal Bar.

Sky said it had been a “privilege” to shadow Max Hardy and Caroline Haughey at Wood Green Crown Court London.

“It was an invaluable experience and really opened my eyes and gave me an insight into the life of a barrister,” she said.

“I met many new and interesting people, from barristers and solicitors to people doing pupillages.

“I also had the great opportunity during the week to attend a sentencing. The whole experience has boosted my confidence and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

It had also increased her desire to pursue a law career.

“I am very grateful to all concerned that made this possible and gave me this experience.”

Jack had arranged his work experience after speaking to barrister Harry Bentley from the Kalisher Trust at the Higher Education DRET Conference in September.

“The trial I worked on was about fraud and had been going on for about a month and was due to run for another four, so it provided emphasis on the length and detail of court cases,” said Jack.

“The barristers, assistants and even the clients were very friendly and the time I spent in the courtroom gave very valuable experience into the life of the judiciary.

“Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that I’d love to repeat.”

Associate head teacher at Skegness Grammar Simon Sprague thanked those at the Kalisher Trust who had made the two visits possible.

“Thanks to the links provided by the David Ross Education Trust, our students had unforgettable experiences,” said Mr Sprague.

“These opportunities are invaluable, showing our students what they can achieve.”