Skegness Academy welcomes noted PE figure

General News.
General News.

Skegness Academy welcomed an internationally renowned Physical Education (PE) practitioner yesterday (Tuesday).

Val Sabin is one of the leading PE practitioners in the country and the originator of over 40 teaching manuals for PE, which are used in a wide range of Early Years settings and schools all over the UK.

Val has worked with children of all ages and teachers for over 35 years on all aspects of PE.

The visit involved Primary Liaison Teachers from the 17 primary schools that are part of the Coastal Sport Partnership plus colleagues from the secondary sector.

Jamie Kilner, Director of Sport for the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust, said: “It is an honour and a privilege to have a trainer of the calibre of Val Sabin join us on the east coast.”

“Academies and school in the local area will certainly benefit from her expertise,” he added.