School ‘shelter’ issue

The length of time that school students are being made to wait for buses home sparked debate in Skegness last week.

Skegness Town Councillors discussed the issue at a business and resources committee meeting after a member of the public said pupils were being made to wait in the open air for up to 40 minutes on a busy road.

The individual asked the councillors if they thought it appropriate to have a bus shelter put up at the stop in Lincoln Road, near to the St Clement’s Church cemetery entrance.

But councillors did not believe this to be a viable option due to cost and location issues.

Mayor Coun Mark Anderson said: “I can’t understand why children are waiting for 40 minutes for a service, standing around unsheltered, with no provisions in inclement conditions and in the dark streets.”

Coun Carl Macey expressed an idea regarding the school [Skegness Academy] allowing the students to wait inside after school hours.

Coun Dick Edgington said he thought the shelter would not solve the issue.

Mayor Coun Anderson added that the council should write to LCC’s home to school provision, Skegness Academy and Skegness Grammar School over the matter. This was supported by the committee.