Rocket car launch at King Edward VI Academy science week

Travis Fisher takes part in King Edward Academy's Chemistry Week.
Travis Fisher takes part in King Edward Academy's Chemistry Week.

A rocket car’s successful launch was among the activities to mark the recent ‘Chemistry Week’ at King Edward VI Academy in Spilsby.

The Year 10 and 11 students built it as part of the national Bloodhound SSC engineering competition.

It is encouraging young people to become the nation’s next generation of engineers and scientists, linked with the efforts to build a 1000mph land speed racing car.

The academy’s science department organised a series of other events during Chemistry Week.

Dr Mark Souter said: “Each day an activity or demonstration took place in one of the laboratories, and included vampire’s blood, water rockets and a screaming jelly baby!

“The most popular event was a thermite reaction, during which the temperature reaches up to 3000 degrees Celsius, enough to melt steel.”

Years 7 to 9 took part in the National Chemistry Experiment, along with hundreds of other schools, to find out which fruit juice contained the most Vitamin C.

The academy also hosted the National Faraday Challenge, in which four other schools sent teams to compete in a challenge to build a rocket and its electrically-

powered transporter.

King Edward’s Year 8 team produced the best transporter and all enjoyed the whole day event.