‘Redundancy’ fears at school

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An executive principal and governors of a Skegness school have moved to allay confusion for parents regarding ‘staff redundancy fears’.

Rumours have been circulating the community regarding alleged ‘redundancy’ for coaching staff during recent weeks at Skegness Grammar School.

But chair of governors, Jamie Gordon, for the school and Brian Sarahan, executive principal, said that they wish to address these concerns and stated that after it joined the David Ross Education Trust in September, the school was offered ‘fantastic opportunities’ to gain ‘new partnerships’ but that these had forced it to look at ‘resources effectively’.

Chair of Governors Jamie Gordan said: “We fully appreciate the impact that these changes may have on a small number of existing providers and staff, but the reality is that we need to evolve to address the changes the school made.”

However, one pupil was said to have come home ‘in tears’ after finding out one of their favourite coaches was to be made ‘redundant’ at the school.

“My daughter has come home upset hearing that some of her favourite coaches are being made redundant or they don’t know if they will be kept on,” said a parent, who did not wish to be named.

“I really feel all the parents should have been told about the school’s plans as there is a lot of confusion in the town,” they added.

The school says it will now instead have ‘access to a range of coaches through partnerships’ through the Trust.

“This has meant that we have had to evaluate the sports provision we currently offer,” Mr Gordon added.

“We have also had to look at our teaching model as our staffing structure does not match the demand of our students. For example, some departments are overstaffed.

“In order to continue to deliver a wide range of subjects at the highest possible level, we need to look at restructuring,” he added.

“I acknowledge that the school, like many organisations in the current environment, does need to reduce our outgoings.

“What remains at the core of our thinking behind these changes, however, is that our high standards and expectations continue.

“I would like to reassure any parents who have any concerns that our teacher to pupil ratios in the classrooms will remain the same,” he added.

The school said it was also set, through its new senior leadership team, to focus its priority on an ‘improved academic’ performance at the grammar school going forward. An open evening giving parents the chance to ask questions about the changes will be held at the school by Mr Sarahan and Mr Simon Sprague, associate principal, on Thursday, April 18 from 5.30pm.