‘Ragwort’ issue on fields

A CONCERNED resident is urging dog walkers, children and passers-by to be mindful of potentially harmful ‘ragwort weed’ which is alleged to be growing in nearby Skegness fields.

The worried citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims the plant is ‘clearly growing in fields’ near Skegness Academy in the St Clements ward.

“Our particular concerns are that families with small children try and use the playing field for recreational purposes, as do many dog owners and we are aware that all parts of the plant are highly toxic,” they said.

“I think the community should be made aware of this danger,” they added.

The Standard contacted the Skegness Academy regarding the alleged ‘ragwort issue’ and the school responded by saying the plants were being dealt with as ‘a matter of urgency’.

A spokesperson for ELDC: “Ragwort is a specified weed under the Weeds Act, and contains toxins which can kill grazing animals.

“It needs controlling if it poses a risk to grazing animals (horses in particular), or land used for forage.”

The spokesperson added that if grazing animals were near to the ragwort then there could be a possibility of it ‘spreading and steps would need to be made to control it’.

For information about ragwort and safe disposal visit the DEFRA website at www.defra.gov.uk/publications/2011/03/15/pb11050-ragwort-disposal-guidance/