Polish teacher training staff visit Skegness

Polish teacher trainers visiting Skegness Infant Academy.
Polish teacher trainers visiting Skegness Infant Academy.

A delegate of Polish teacher trainers visited Skegness Infant Academy recently to pick up pointers from their English counterparts as part of an educational exchange.

Headteacher Sue Roy said the visit highlighted some interesting differences between the two schooling systems and was a great benefit to both parties involved.

“I went to Poland about three years ago on a similar project so, in a way, this was about extending the hospitality back,” she said.

“The visitors were very impressed with out holistic approach and the way we value the support offered to our families.”

Mrs Roy explained that the academy’s parent advisor, who also works with the Skegness Junior Academy, was a role the visitors found particularly interesting, and seemed keen to replicate back in Poland.

The advisors arrange group activities to involve parents in their children’s education and also offers support with any of their non-curricular concerns, which Mrs Roy says is an important aspect to the academy’s ethos.

The visit has also been welcomed as a useful means for the academy’s teachers to learn what the 25 or so Polish students at the school would have been experiencing in their native countries.

It was organised through the British Council’s Comenius Programme, which intends to develop an understanding about the diversity of European cultures.