Polish school progress

Plans to improve the integration of Skegness’s young Polish community into British society have taken a step forward with the creation of an educational steering group.

Wojciech Pisarksi has announced the group has now been constituted as the Skegness Polish Education Association, which intends to launch a new Saturday school in the town. He said: “While it is envisaged that most pupils and students will be from a Polish speaking background, the school will cater to anyone interested in learning the Polish language and about Polish culture.”

The school will teach Polish language, history and geography and, subject to demand, provide classes in English for people of a foreign background as well as vocational subjects such as first aid and health and safety.

“The group is now engaged in fundraising in order to purchase books and other teaching materials, recruiting more teachers and seeking a suitable venue for classes,” Mr Pisarski added.

The Skegness Polish Educational Association hopes to form a partnership with a local school to share facilities.

For further information contact Mr Pisarski on 01754 810393.