Parents reminded of school place deadline

PARENTS with children transferring to secondary school in September 2013 are being advised to make sure they have their application packs and apply online by the deadline of October 31.

Last year, 95 per cent of parents applied for a school place online, and it’s now the preferred method of choosing a school.

Parents need to apply for a school place a year in advance, so any children moving from primary to secondary in 2013 should apply between now and the end of October..

If you want a reception place you can apply from November 19. The web address is .

The school admissions website has lots of information and links designed to help choose a school.

If parents don’t have a computer, they can apply by phone on 01522 782030 or can ask for an application pack.

Many schools are becoming academies but the system for applying for a place hasn’t changed.

Parents should ask their primary school about any 11+ arrangements.

Parents of children in year six are told by letter where they can get free home to school transport and this may be an important consideration for choosing a secondary school.

No school can only look at applications which put it as a first preference - all offers are made by referring to the published admission policy. No school can ask parents what school they put down as first preference.