Parents furious and feel ‘let down’ after Skegness Grammar School meeting

Parents with children attending Skegness Grammar School say they are ‘furious’ and ‘let down’ by staff and management.

The school held a meeting last night (Thursday) in the hope of allaying fears over staff redundancy and to give parents a chance to air their concerns.

But some who attended said they had left with even more concerns, with one pupil deciding to change schools after claims the deputy head allegedly said they wouldn’t send their own children there. The school has since categorically refuted the claim and denies that such a comment was ever made.

One parent, whose daughter is currently in year 11, just seven weeks before taking their GCSEs, feels the public have been ‘hoodwinked’ by alleged ‘mismanagement’ of the school for the past three to five years.

“I am furious with the comments made from the meeting last night,” said the parent, also a governor of another Skegness school.

“My daughter has changed her mind as of last night’s meeting; she will now go to Boston College, which will cost us far more in travel around £1,800.

“They admitted that teaching standards were at an all time low and there could be 11 redundancies.

“I held a strong belief in the school and we spent hundreds on extra tuition to allow my daughter to pass her 11 plus exams,

“I feel the school has been mismanaged and has a weak governing body, the parents have been hoodwinked and let down.”

Another parent also said the standard of science teaching had been ‘savaged’ and criticised the ‘arrogance’ of the governing body.

They said there was a ‘complete lack of faith’ in the governors and felt the year elevens had been ‘written off’ due to the failings of teaching staff.

“However on a positive note Mr Sarahan and Mr Sprague do seem to have the experience and skills to turn the school around. However if that will be sooner or later remains to be seen,” they added.

The press, although invited to an earlier meeting with executive principal Brian Sarahan and associate principal Simon Sprague, along with the school governors, were not allowed to attend last night’s ‘open’ meeting, despite it being organised to add clarity to the school’s future plans.

The school has said it will issue a press release ‘during the early part of next week’ on the issue.