Outstanding result for Spilsby special school

Pupils at Eresby School in Spilsby celebrate their 'outstanding' rating from Ofsted.
Pupils at Eresby School in Spilsby celebrate their 'outstanding' rating from Ofsted.

Staff and pupils at Eresby School in Spilsby are celebrating a top-of-the class rating from education watchdog Ofsted.

The special school, in Eresby Avenue, received glowing praise after being given the highest possible grading following the inspection.

Inspectors praised it for the outstanding quality of education offered to pupils, and found how ‘incredibly proud’ everyone was to be part of the school.

One pupil said to the inspection team: “My school is fantastic,” – noted by the lead inspector as being typical of pupils’ responses.

This is the third time in a row the school has been rated outstanding by Ofsted – which headteacher Michele Holiday says she takes great pride in.

Ms Holiday said: “What I think really comes across in the report is how passionate everyone is about assuring that we strive for, and achieve, the very best for our pupils.

“I am delighted that this is one of the key things the inspectors found.

“A school like ours relies on the expertise of teachers, support staff and governors, and also the therapists, professionals and other individuals who ensure we are able to help every child reach their full potential.

“It is an incredibly rewarding team to be part of.”

The report praised the school for its well-behaved pupils, the staff being ‘excellent role models’ and ‘hightly-skilled teachers’ and noted how pupils ‘make rapid progress in all academic subjects’.

Ms Holiday added: “When the inspection team arrived I said that I thought the school was stronger than it has ever been, and I am delighted that they agreed with that view.”

Inspectors were assured that the school joining the David Ross Education Trust has enabled pupils to access more enrichment activities and has led to improved support for the school.