King Edward students’ musical success

Some of the successful students. Photo supplied.
Some of the successful students. Photo supplied.

STUDENTS at King Edward VI Academy in Spilsby have showcased their musical talent after a number of pupils achieved success in their latest exams.

“Our students are in the fortunate position to receive free musical tuition from highly qualified specialists in a range of disciplines,” said a spokesperson. “The artistic vision of the academy’s sponsor is to broaden the horizons of every student.

“Music tuition includes vocal coaching, violin, drums, guitar and piano. It is in this latter category that students have recently undertaken examinations.”

Their success was celebrated in the school’s weekly achievement assembly during which Principal Margaret Reeve issued the following exam certificates -

Preparatory Piano Examination - Chloe Dower (year nine); Emily Askew (year 10); Fadeke Shi Ttu (year nine); Chantelle Bradbury (year nine); Step 1 examination - Joseph Losper (year nine); Thomas Carr (year 10).