Hot school dinners are off the menu

A SKEGNESS primary school has been forced to change its lunchtime meal arrangements and will only be offering a cold option for the remainder of the term.

Letters were sent out to parents with children at Skegness Infants School last week regarding the move after dinner timings were changed at Skegness Grammar School, which the pupils travel across to for lunch.

Some parents have voiced their concerns about the change as they feel young children ‘need a hot meal’ each day.

Head Teacher Mrs Sue Roy said: “The decision was made because the grammar school had changed its lunch timings which meant there was wasn’t enough time for us to take the children over and allow them to eat their lunch, so the cold option will make it a lot easier for the children.

“It is only for this term and we felt, with the warmer weather, the children wouldn’t suffer.”

Children who are currently entitled to free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch from the grammar school canteen, which will then be brought over to the infant school where they can be enjoyed inside or out, weather permitting.

Those not entitled to free meals, can purchase a packed lunch from the grammar school costing £1.90 per day and payments need to be made in advance.

“I’m disappointed that those parents who had some concerns didn’t come to me as we offer an open door policy. If anyone wishes to come and talk to me about this change then I would be more than happy,” added Mrs Roy.

From September, Skegness Infants School is set to become part of the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust and is in consultation regarding the future of its uniform, school meal arrangements, ICT support and more.

“Everything is being looked into and worked out at the moment, so the school meal arrangements will be part of the consultation,” said Mrs Roy.

The meal change will take effect from next Monday (June 11).