Hogsthorpe youngsters have some musical fun

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PUPILS at Hogsthorpe School are set to find it easier than ever before to get to grips with music thanks to a fun new interactive software package that has proven a huge success with children and staff alike.

The school was already using the interactive whiteboard-based package for Key Stage 2 - with excellent results.

But it has now rolled the scheme out to Foundation Stage and Key Stage One - meaning that more pupils than ever before will benefit from it.

Karin Nicholls at Hogsthorpe Primary School has been very impressed with the programme’s results and is delighted that it will now be available to more pupils.

“It’s totally new interactive music teaching that provides a new way for children to get into music and works through the interactive whiteboard.

“They are able to compose and learn simple music and play simple music.

“We’ve already had it for Key Stage Two and it has been absolutely brilliant - the way the children have been able to compose their own songs and play them has been fabulous,” she added.

Interact was launched two years ago by a couple of highly-experienced and practising music teachers and has been a big sucess.

It works to encourage pupils to look at new ways of expressing musical ideas through themes and projects.