Green technology delivers savings for local Academies


Three Academies on the East Coast are reaping the rewards of investing in green technology.

In July 2013, the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust invested approximately £92,000 on

installing energy efficient technologies in six of its Academies.

The Skegness Infant Academy, the Skegness Junior Academy and the Mablethorpe Primary

Academy all received low-energy lighting and boiler management systems which reduce fuel consumption.

It was anticipated that these lighting and heating improvements would generate savings of over £6000 per year across the three Academies however the results show that the

improvements are saving over £7000 per year.

Sir Barry Day, OBE, Chief Executive of the GDFT, said: “UK Energy Partners has installed the best possible energy efficiency technologies within these three Academies on the East Coast.

The savings have exceeded our expectations and this means that the money we save can be

used elsewhere to directly benefit pupils.