Google gives pupils a lesson in online safety

A scene from Google's visit to Spilsby Academy Primary.
A scene from Google's visit to Spilsby Academy Primary.

Youngsters at a Spilsby school received a lesson in online safety when tech giant Google paid them a visit.

The business visited Spilsby Academy Primary in the run-up to Christmas with its Be Internet Legends programme.

The scheme helps children be safe online, while giving free training resources for teachers.

It was launched in partnership with family internet safety experts Parent Zone after Google conducted research last year to learn about online safety in the classroom. It found that teachers believe children should start learning about the topic as early as the age of seven and that 99 per cent felt that this should be a part of the curriculum.

Pupils heard about the programme’s five key pillars: be ‘internet sharp’ – think before you share; be ‘internet alert’ – check it’s for real; be ‘internet secure’ – protect your stuff; be ‘internet kind’ – respect each other; be ‘internet brave’ – when in doubt, discuss.

They were also shown Interland, an adventure game to make learning about online safety fun and informative.

Headteacher Andrew Clarke said: “All of children in Key Stage Two learnt how not to be ‘inter-naughty’ by visiting the mindful mountain, reality river, tower of treasure, and the kind kingdom.

“The children all became ‘internet legends’ themselves as they recited the key themes of e-safety: sharp, alert, secure, kind, brave, and Spilsby Primary was also awarded the honour of ‘internet legendary’ status.

“An amazing workshop which fitted seamlessly into our school’s values and ethos.”

Rosie Luff, online safety public policy manager with the programme, said: “By getting acquainted with what we believe are the five core areas of online safety, we want to prepare children to have a safe and positive experience online.”