Good Ofsted for school

Great Steeping Primary School.
Great Steeping Primary School.

A school is thrilled with their latest Ofsted inspection which was carried out in December 2013.

Great Steeping Primary School welcomed the inspectors and the outcome of the inspection found the school to be a ‘good school’.

Pupils across the school were found to ‘achieve well’ and all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds, ‘make good progress from well-below average starting points’.

Teaching was deemed as being ‘consistently good’, with some ‘outstanding’, due to good questioning and planning of learning. The quality of teaching provides a solid foundation for learning and for lessons to be enjoyable and interesting, the report claimed.

One pupil said: “We enjoy learning because our teachers want us to do well and make learning fun.”

Strong links with the local authority and collaborative partnership schools are used effectively to help improve the school, it was found. And school links both in the United Kingdom and abroad provide ‘strong support for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’.

Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is ‘good’, it said, and they are ‘courteous, polite and supportive with each other and towards adults’.

Pupils said they felt safe and that there is ‘no bullying in school’. A pupil stated: “There is no bullying because everyone is friends with everyone.”

The head teacher has overcome a number of significant barriers to learning in the school, it was found.

The restructured leadership team provides strong support for future improvements.

Governors and leaders have an accurate picture of the school, playing an active role in making sure that teaching and pupils’ achievement are ‘good’.

Head teacher Mrs Ackrill said: “I am immensely proud of being part of Great Steeping Primary School. The children, staff, parents and governors have ensured that the school has received the right Ofsted judgement. This was a super Christmas present. Well done everyone.”

Targets to help move the school to outstanding included to provide more opportunities for pupils to practise their writing skills in all subjects and to develop the role of other adults who support learning in the classroom.

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