Gogglebox star at Skegness Academy to reward students

Gogglebox star Baasit Siddiqui visited Skegness Academy today to reward three students who beat hundreds from across the country to come up with a new reality show idea.

Lisa Poxon, Megan Childs-Lunt and Maddison Coombes, of Year 10, pitched for a show called Two-faced Chase - based on an idea to disguise parents so they could watch what their 'angelic' children really got up to at school.

Gogglebox star Baasit Siddiqui with the winners of the Let's Pitch It competition Lisa Poxon, Megan Childs-Lunt and Maddison Coombes.

Gogglebox star Baasit Siddiqui with the winners of the Let's Pitch It competition Lisa Poxon, Megan Childs-Lunt and Maddison Coombes.

Their idea was backed with a Powerpoint presentation and scrutinised by Let's Pitch It judges - including Baasit, who launched the competition in January, and creator of Channel 4's Gogglebox Tania Alexanda.

Baasit went along to Skegness Academy today to present the winners with cameras and digital equipment for school, mini robots and vouchers to be spent when the girls go to London on November 26 to watch a Gogglebox show and go shopping.

The presentation was watched by Year 10 students, staff members and Skegness Academy principal Gary Carlile.

This is the first year of the competition and the idea of Baasit - a former primary school teacher before he found fame on TV.

"Twenty schools took part, with 150 teams and 500 children from across the country," he said.. "The entries were whittled down to three and the creator of Gogglebox Tania Alexanda helped choose the winners.

"Tany was very, very impressed with the Skegness entry. It has you smiling, the concept is original, fun and exciting, and the potential for humour and drama is immense.

"Working with young people with such energy and ideas is awe-inspiring - it never ceases to amaze me."

He explained the idea for Two-faced Chase could be likened to a cross between Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents and the film Mrs Doubtfire, where parents would be totally disguised with make-up and wigs so their children couldn't recognise them.

Lisa admitted she was influenced by her own experiences when she was in Year 8 and not quite as committed to working hard at school as she is now. "I wasn't the best student in Year 8. My nan thought I was a little angel until she got a call from school. I thought there must be a lot of parents who think like that, so that's how we came up with the idea for the show."

Maddison said: "We are really glad to win and excited to take part. We have to thank Miss Langdale and Miss Laws for encouraging us."

"Before this none of us knew each other and wouldn't have thought to talk in the corridor," added Lisa. "It's made us really close."

Principal Mr Carlisle congratulated the winners and Year 10 for the way they conducted themselves at the presentation.

"We are a bit emotional today at what our students have achieved," he said. "The skills they have learned through this process, such as teamwork, are skills that will take them through life."