Game on! Kurling donation to school

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Children at Chapel St Leonards Primary School have a new target for their studies ... a kurling target.

The Amery Way school has been presented with kurling equipment by the local Tuesday Club.

Along with the kurling target, the set includes stones and pushers.

Christine Young and May Bruce from the club attended the school to give pupils a lesson in the sport.

Mrs Young explained the Tuesday Club had enjoyed many years of kurling, but no longer use the equipment and was pleased to see it going to a good home.

Headteacher at the school Amelia Haslehurst said: “A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Young and the Tuesday Club for their kind donation.

“The children will be able to practice kurling in PE class and as an after school activity. We are very pleased indeed.”

Pictured are Mrs Young (left) and Mrs Bruce with pupils and the kurling equipment.