Free Anglo Saxon lecture at Spilsby’s Franklin Hall


Dr Kevin Leahy will give a lecture on ‘The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey’ at the Franklin Hall in Spilsby on Saturday, October, 25 at 2pm.

The talk is open to all and is free.

Some people may have heard of Dr Leahy through his involvement with the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’, the largest quantity of Anglo Saxon gold and silver metalwork found to date.

Teaching will include an explantation on how Lindsey was a small Anglo-Saxon Kingdom that lay to the south of the Humber Estuary in what is now northern Lincolnshire.

Though long neglected, over the last 50 years Lindsey has emerged from its own ‘dark age’ to reappear as an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom, never powerful, usually on the edge of great events, but highly prosperous and sophisticated.

Drawing on the evidence of cemeteries, settlements, finds, churches and place names, it is possible to chart the Anglo-Saxon takeover of one of the richest areas of Roman Britain, the flourishing Christian culture of the eighth and ninth centuries, and the Viking invasion of 877.

Dr Kevin Leahy was Principal Archaeologist at the North Lincolnshire Museum for 29 years during which he excavated some major Anglo-Saxon sites in Lindsey.

He now works as a National Finds Advisor for the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.

He is an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Leicester and he is the author of Anglo-Saxon Crafts (Tempus, 2003) and The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey (Tempus, 2007).

The lecture is part of an ongoing programme of events being organised by a local community history and archaeology project ‘Spirit of Sutterby’.

This project is researching the archaeology, history and natural history of the church and deserted mediaeval village of Sutterby, a small village in the Wolds.

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