Don’t miss out on a secondary school place

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Parents with children transferring from primary to secondary school in September 2015 can apply for places from Tuesday, (September 9).

School places have to be applied for a year in advance by the deadline of October 31. Last year, 96 per cent of parents applied for a school place online making this the preferred method of choosing a school.

This way of applying is popular because the school admissions website has lots of information and links designed to help choose a school. Parents can log on from midnight on March 2 2015 to find out the school offered to their children.

Executive councillor for children’s services, Patricia Bradwell said: “With 96 per cent of parents applying online the system has proved to be very popular. I know that being able to log on from 2 March 2015 to find out the result is something parents like. We have over 90 per cent of children being given their first preference and there is no reason why this should not continue next year.”

Many schools are becoming academies but the system for applying for a place has stayed the same. Parents should ask their primary school or preferred grammar school about any 11+ arrangements. The letter that parents of children in year 6 receive via their primary school explains about home to school transport and this may be an important consideration for choosing a secondary school.

To apply online go to or call 01522 782030.