Caring pupils give teddies to charity appeal

Skegness Junior Academy pupils with toys for the Teddy Trust Appeal
Skegness Junior Academy pupils with toys for the Teddy Trust Appeal

It can take a lot for children to part with their teddy, but a school was overwhelmed with generosity when it asked pupils to donate soft toys for a charity appeal.

An incredible 628 teddy bears were collected at Skegness Junior Academy in the space of a week for children from Syria and Malawi.

Space had to be found in the library for all the cuddly toys which were provided for the 2015 Teddy Trust Appeal.

The academy’s sponsor the The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust is supporting the charity appeal to help some of the world’s neediest children.

Some of the pupils also sent heartfelt letters to accompany the teddies on the journey to their new homes.

Maria wrote: “I hope you love our teddies. I hope they are very cuddly and soft. You can do what you want with them and just make yourself happy.”

Mckenzie Mollitt said: “I am sending you my teddies to snuggle up to when you are tired and squeeze it if you feel alone and hold it if you are far from home.”

School council members gave a presentation to form groups about the appeal and work of The Teddy Trust.

Class 10 won a competition to donate the most teddies, providing 136 for the appeal.

Year Six pupil Logan Hughes said: “We collected teddies to send to children who are sad, afraid or alone for them to cuddle up to and put a big smile on their face.”

Curriculum leader and Year Six teacher Alison Smith said: “Children understand how teddies can put a smile on your face when you are feeling sad, scared or alone, which is why so many of our pupils wanted to donate teddies to those less fortunate.”

The Teddy Trust was set up by Ellie Targett after meeting children in South Africa who had suffered violent and sexual abuse. It was inspired by the joy her gift of a teddy bought to one of the children.

Ellie made it her mission to keep bringing smiles to children’s faces through the ‘power of teddy’, which became the charity’s slogan.

To find out more about the Teddy Trust, visit: www.