Beach trek from Mablethorpe to Skegness raises cash for Help for Heroes

The footsore walkers at the end of their 15-mile trek between Mablethorpe and Skegness.
The footsore walkers at the end of their 15-mile trek between Mablethorpe and Skegness.
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KIND-hearted students and staff at Skegness Vocational College have helped to raise at least £800 for Help for Heroes after an epic sponsored walk along the local coastline.

Around 20 plucky walkers set off from Mablethorpe on Thursday morning at the start of their 15-mile trek to the pier in Skegness.

The footsore hikers arrived back in the seaside resort shortly after 4pm, having added over £100 to their fundraising total thanks to generous donations from passers-by on their travels.

The annual walk is now into its third year and has increased its final fundraising tally every year.

Last year they generated just over £600, but have already raised around £800 this time round with two weeks still to go before the final figure is known.

College tutor Sean Stone was one of three tutors to accompany the students on the walk.

And he was delighted with the achievements of the group.

“It was a great day. We were expecting thunderstorms but not one drop of rain fell on us and everybody made it round,” he said.

“We had a few people last year who couldn’t quite finish it, but this year everyone completed the final leg and I’m really proud of them.

“I’m hopeful we’ll raise even more money next year.”

The walk proved memorable for the walkers and Sean added that the day had been full of highlights.

He continued: “I think it gave the students a chance not just to see the tourist parts of the seaside but also the bits of the coast that are unspoilt - it was a real eye-opener.

“The highlight of the day was when we passed workmen rebuilding the beaches and sea defences and they gave us £15.”

“We’d like to thank everyone who donated to us on the day.”

The walkers were predominantly from the local Skegness Vocational College, although some of the participants hailed from similar establishments in Horncastle and Boston.