East Lindsey launches anti-litter campaign


East Lindsey District Council has launched a high profile campaign with hard hitting photos and no-nonsense messages.

Images of dog mess and fly-tipped waste are just some of those used in the ‘Responsible People’ campaign which aims to tackle littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling.

Each year the council receives more than 2,900 requests for action in response to littering and dog fouling - problems avoided if more people took responsibility for their rubbish.

Portfolio holder for the environment, Steve O’Dare, said: “The ‘Responsible People’ campaign tackles some particularly important issues which simply should not occur. It is unacceptable to let your dog foul on the pavement or playing field and not pick it up.

“People should not fly tip or drop litter. It’s not only costly but also unsightly – it’s about respect for the local area and the people that live in it.

“The message is simple, responsible people don’t drop litter, they clean up after their pets, they don’t fly-tip and above all else, they love where they live. These offences affect everyone. We’re conveying the message using strong photos, but the truth of the matter is that this is happening within our communities and it must stop.”

The campaign includes posters and newspaper advertising, social media and community engagement with the message that littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling is unacceptable in East Lindsey.

To report an incident of littering, fly-tipping or dog fouling please use the ‘report it’ links at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/Responsiblepeople or call 01507 601111